Nick Jonah Davis

Nick Jonah Davis is a solo guitarist from Nottingham, England. He has released two albums with Tompkins Square Records, and was featured on the fourth volume of their 'Imaginational Anthem' compilation series.

'Nottingham-based Nick Jonah Davis is a formidable guitarist in the tradition of Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, etc. Though there’s a clear comparison to be made with the monolithic John Fahey, perhaps there’s a more British sensibility to his playing. Making use of modal tunings to create a resonating whole, Davis’s spindly melodies sometimes hither and thither on top, whilst at other times forthright lines are prominent.The effect is always a thoroughly rich and nourishing, highly spirited series of wordless tales.' - Crushing Death and Grief

'It's a high-wire act that very few guitarists could pull off.' - Tompkins Square label boss Josh Rosenthal

Ours is a moment rich in solo guitar players, all exploring and expanding on an already deep tradition. Nick Jonah Davis is a worthy addition to this canon. …He adopts a glorious, deeply resonant sound, and spins out his finger-picked melodies into what become beautiful filigreed narrative pieces.’ - The Liminal

'His ability to conjure up images and tell stories with just his elegant guitar playing is nothing less than mesmerising. You feel your jaw dropping as his fingers weave the notes plucked from his guitar strings into beautiful little vignettes.  Who needs words when you have guitar playing this warm and honest?' - Left Lion